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About Us

Why Warriors Pty Ltd was created out of a vision to empower Indigenous Australians through private clan based business development, . We see clan based private business development as essential for the independence and empowerment of Indigenous people, and for the sustainability of their lands. Our skills and corporate knowledge in Cross-Cultural interaction and education enables us to provide standard setting Cross-Cultural training and consultancy. We see the training of Dominant Culture Australia in these areas to be essential to true equality, communication and reconciliation between these two cultures. Our income through Cross-Cultural training and consultancy allows us to invest in Indigenous business development.

What is our origin?

After more than 25 years of experience working with the Aboriginal people of north-east Arnhem Land, Richard Trudgen with the help of the non-profit organisation Aboriginal Resource and Development Services, began writing a book called “Djambatj Mala: Why Warriors lie Down & Die” which was released in 2000. The book explains the causes of the devastation that was and is still destroying the Yolngu (Yolŋu ), the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land. Although they remain one of the most isolated and traditional Aboriginal groups in Australia they now experience death rates 4 times the national average, suffer poor health and continue to do poorly in western schooling systems. The book struck a chord amongst professionals across Australia working with Indigenous communities. It is now in its 5th print. The response from professionals in the field confirmed what we already believed, that the causes we have identified are real and that the solutions offered are a genuine way forward in stopping the crisis that Australian Aboriginal people face.

Why Warriors Pty Ltd was established in 2001 by Tim Trudgen and Richard Trudgen as a way to further implement some of these solutions. We are based in both Darwin and Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory of Australia and the focus of our Indigenous business development program continues to lie in north-east Arnhem Land. Why Warriors' Cross-Cultural training and seminars are held throughout Australia.

Our Motivation

Why Warriors' primary goals are to:

  • Facilitate physical, social and intellectual capacity building of the Yolngu (Yolŋu) people of Arnhem Land by supporting the development of economic enterprise.
  • Be a conduit for Indigenous peoples across Australia to move away from government welfare and handouts so they can throw off the tag of beggars to a begrudging society and be masters of their own destiny, like the Warriors they once were.

Why Warriors aims to achieve this by:

  • Opening up opportunities for Yolŋu people to own and run their own companies, by providing support and training using the local language and culturally effective education. Offering GST and other financial compliancy capability training at minimal cost so Yolŋu can control their own finances is one form of such support.
  • Training resource people from the dominant culture to empower Indigenous people so as to achieve the above.
  • Provide effective and practical community development and community education training for dominant culture people wanting to work with, or who make policies that effect, Indigenous peoples in Australia.

Why Use a Private Company?

There may be queries as to why ‘Why Warriors’ was established as a private company when our primary motivations are more like those of non-profit organisations. There are a number of answers.

As a private company we can:

  • Demonstrate effective commercial business development that empowers the people.
  • Present an accurate view of world economics. There are very few private companies in Arnhem Land, and many Aboriginal people in Australia live in a welfare state. Non-profit organizations and Government organizations largely run services for Aboriginal people on the basis of grants and while it is important to provide such services this does nothing to indicate the economic reality of private enterprise. Being a private company we must support Yolŋu companies through commercial means, combating the welfare mentalities that financial support by grants can perpetuate.
  • Interact on a clear contractual basis with newly established Yolŋu companies.
  • Provide investments in kind to new Yolngu private businesses. As a private company we are able to financially support establishing Yolŋu businesses in a way that is difficult for non-profit organizations from one financial year to the next. We may invest directly in a company but currently provide services at "at cost" rates with a wide credit margin with a view to get returns for services when the company is well established.
  • Maintain genuine knowledge and experience in the operation of a private enterprise in Australia. This give us integrity when supporting and training Yolŋu to starting and maintaining their own private enterprise.



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Why Warriors Lie Down and Die - Book Cover This book is the result of over 30 years of working face to face with Aboriginal people, it identifies many of the causes of the crisis faced by Aboriginal Australians and provides examples of ways people working with Aboriginal people can effectively empower Indigenous Communities.

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