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Our Generation DVD

Hidden from the eyes of the world, Australia’s First Peoples are fighting for freedom. Our Generation is their call to the nation, a fresh and unflinching look at unresolved issues, driven by the Yolngu of Northeast Arnhem Land.

A genuine opportunity to hear the opinions of Yolŋu people, and the injustices faced by Ingidenous people across the Northern Territory. Its on our recommended viewing list for anyone interested in Indignesous affairs in Australia.


FOBL - Friends of Bilingual Learning

Supporters of Bilingual and Multilingual education, living and learning in the Northern Territory. Recognising the importance of language in human development, identity and wellbeing.


Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc. (ARDS)

ARDS is a non-profit Aboriginal managed organisation that provides resources, personnel and programs for education, advocacy and capacity building of the Yolngu people of North-east Arnhem Land. The Yolngu world view and language is central to their way of working.


Dare to Lead

An initiative of the Principals Associations in Australia, focusing on accelerating the improvement of educational outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students, & supporting the goals of reconciliation for all Australian students.

Why Warriors Lie Down and Die

Why Warriors Lie Down and Die - Book CoverThe result of over 30 years of working face to face with Aboriginal people, this book identifies many of the causes of the crisis faced by Aboriginal Australians and provides examples of ways people working with Aboriginal people effectively empower Indigenous Communities.

“Many books have been about the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land (NT Australia). This one is very different. It speaks of about the real situation that we face every day, a reality that is hard for people of another culture to imagine.”

Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra