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We don't need people who are world experts in a given field, we just need people who are willing to make themselves available to help break down barriers!

Could you help us with:

  • Support clients directly through volunteer or enterprise partnership opportunities
  • Marketing. If there is a volunteer out there with skills or enthusiasm for promoting AHED, then we would love your help. We currently have a great marketing volunteer position.
  • Finding financial support or information that might help with financing the project. You can donate to the AHED Project at http://donate.whywarriors.com.au
  • Spreading the word. Please let others know who may be interested in our work. Feel free to have them contact us, or join our email network (for more info see below) to receive our newsletters. Anyone can join. If you are already receiving newsletters then feel free to forward them on.
  • Members for the Advisory Panel. Please consider any organisations you are connected with that may want to be part of our Advisory panel. The Advisory Panels role is to advise facilitators on options for resourcing clients in their endeavours, to help them appropriately overcome bureaucratic barriers and support the project in any way they can. Any organisation connected with service provision in Arnhem Land or with an interest in supporting a quality community development project could potentially be involved
  • More workers for the facilitation team. We want to expand the team with more workers on the ground or behind the scenes. If you are drawn to this project and feel called to serve Indigenous people on a remote community, we would love to hear from you. (more info...)
  • Pray for us as we try to be present in the community and work with our clients.

More Info

Our email network. We will use this email network to keep people informed about our work and to find the resources and people we need to help us set up the project and later to help the individuals in the community. As we cannot know ahead of time what particular aspirations individuals will have, we cannot foresee what information or skills we will need to access, so the wider our pool of people to draw on the better. The network will receive newsletters approx monthly. Join our email network

You or your organisation can become part of our Advisory Panel. If you have good networks in the Northern Territory, have knowledge and/or influence in Indigenous Community services and infrastructures or are interested in supporting Aboriginal enterprise on remote communities, then we need you. The Advisory Panels role is to advise facilitators on options for resourcing clients in their endeavours, to help appropriately overcome bureaucratic barriers and support the project in any way they can. If you have contacts with organisations that might be interested please let us know.

Becoming part of our facilitation team. Our team has set up a base in Galiwin'ku. We could do with another 2 - 4 people who feel a calling to this kind of work in a remote Aboriginal Community. You must have a passion to empower people and willingness to put yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve this. Experience would be an advantage but is not required. The team members will be well trained in the methodology we will be using. Don't think that if you are just a trades person or even a desk jockey that we cannot use you, a calling to the work and appropriate attitude is what matters at this point. If you are at all interested please contact us. Not all members of the team need be direct facilitators, there are many roles that could be useful on the ground in the communities.  In the future we hope to expand the project to other communities.  These roles are not yet funded, but don't let that stop you, we can share what we have.

Volunteer to be on our workers register. There will be short term needs from time to time and opportunities to test for more permanent roles. We would like to create a register of people serious about being available. We would love to know if you are interested, and also what your skills and areas of interest are.

Consider if you would like to become involved on any level- if so, please let us know.


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