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Good News for the Warriors Copy

Neil Mar 2018

Good news for both Why Warriors Pty and our new charitable organisation called Why Warriors Org Ltd.

Thanks to great donationsWhy Warriors Org Ltd received enough money to keep staff on the ground working on the “Hope for Health” program. While there is much talk about a tsunami of chronic disease hitting Aboriginal communities this program is going against the tide. A true grass roots program that delivers effective personal health information to a core group of Yolŋu people, in their own language, allowing them to make real life saving changes.

Why Warriors Pty Ltd has also received some good funding from Prime Minister in Cabinet to produce radio and internet education programs for Yolŋu people in their own language. This will be another game changer delivering real power in the form of fundamental information to Yolŋu people.



This might be our only public Seminar for this year. It is designed for both Balanda and Yolŋu who are interested in understanding each other better. However if you are interested in attending from across the country you will find it relevant for your situation also.

Become aware of hidden cross-cultural traps.
Receive useful hard to come by information.
Learn new dynamic communication skills.
Discover what makes humans different.
Get answers to many questions.
Be entertained.

This seminar has grown out of 40 years of finding answers between Yolŋu & Balanda working together at the coal face. Designed to help build long term cross-cultural relationships in the workplace and the community. Join us for this unique learning experience where you can be part of the solution.


Highest Rheumatic Heart Disease in the World

This news item has started to gather together a coalition of interested people around the issue of Rheumatic Heart Disease. But we still have not got the money to produce a good life-saving video so I am going to leave the news item up to see if we can get some more supporters.

We are still looking for supporters who can help us turn life saving health information, structured on the people's language and worldview, into dynamic easy to access videos.

East Arnhem Land has the highest rates of Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) in the world. The story board below is for RHD. I have used it many times to explain the deep biomedical RHD story to Yolŋu patients and it really works. I am convinced that this story board made into a video would make a massive difference, giving thousands of Yolŋu people real life saving knowledge, around RHD, in their own language and cultural way.

If you know of someone who might be interested in partnering with us in this great venture, or if you want to make it your project to raise the money needed to develop the video please get in touch.

Health Workers, Nurses and Doctors will be able to use these videos directly with their patients, Yolŋu families who are affected will also have access to them.

To contact us please click "Read More" link below.


Run a community development project from where you live!

Still looking for self-funded retired professionals with a passion for the Yolngu people of north-east Arnhem Land, to help manage essential programs remotely.


Richard Trudgen

Managing Director, Why Warriors

Remember this is our last week to register for the Nhulunbuy Seminar. Please pass on this newsletter to anyone working in remote indigenous communities as we would love to hear from you. Keep supporting us in your thoughts and prayers.

Kind Regards,

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