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An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Awareness

Live Online training

Why Warriors will not be offering online training in 2015. Online training for groups of 30 or more are still available on request. Please contact us for more information. We anticipate that self-paced training modules for individual study will be available for 2016. Thanks for your support and patience.

Comments from past participants

“Very interesting course with lots of good information that people can use in their work and workplaces. This course is a very good introduction to cross-cultural awareness and I am going to recommend it for our staff.”
Oct 2012

“The technology to deliver the course was great! This was more dynamic than anything I’ve done online.”
Oct 2012

“[the facilitator] has an obvious passion for his content and was very thorough in acknowledging our comments.”
May 2010

“The course was above my expectations. There was such a depth and richness of understanding that could be applied to other situations, not just Yolŋu culture.”
September 2010



Learn real world skills and discover the depth of Aboriginal culture. Facilitator Tim Trudgen shares his extensive knowledge and offers proven methods for increasing effectiveness in your interactions with Indigenous people.

We believe that effective education and communication are the keys to combating the causes of many of the issues existing in Australian Aboriginal communities. This online training investigates the causes and influences of the issues, looks at solutions and builds sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic environment of Aboriginal peoples.

This course is a must for all those working with remote and urban Indigenous people, creating policy or interested in learning more about cross-cultural dynamics and Indigenous culture.

Tim and Buity

‘An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Awareness’ – What’s involved

The course is presented online, with our facilitator streaming live from Arnhem Land. You can participate in this workshop from any location that has a reliable internet connection.

The program of 4 modules is designed to provide a solid, progressive introduction to Cross-Cultural Awareness and you can choose which modules to participate in.






13 & 14 May

11 & 12 November

Course fees

Per module, Per person

Early Bird* = $59 (inc GST)

Standard = $79 (inc GST)


*Early bird prices apply if payment is made 4 weeks prior to course date.

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