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Why Warriors is developing an online resource area to help those in the field and the office to improve their relationships with Indigenous communities, create good communication and understand the cultural dynamics of Aboriginal society.

Cultural Worlds - Working effectively with Indigneous communities

'Cultural Worlds' is a free resource to help you serve Aboriginal Communities better and better prepare yourself to face the difficulties that exist in many parts of Aboriginal Australia.

'Cultural Worlds' includes an archive of articles to help personnel work more effectively in or with Australian Aboriginal communities. We at Why Warriors will be regularly publishing short articles on how to work across the cultural and linguistic barriers that exist between the cultural worlds of the mainstream system and the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. We will post information on living in remote communities, on aspects of Indigneous culture, on cross-cultural skills and perhaps even some glimpses of new material being written by the author of Why Warriors lie down and die.

Traditional Indigenous Law

Work through some of the common misconceptions about Traditional Aboriginal Law.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Improve your cross-cultural communication skills by examining some examples of confusion between cultures as a result of differing world views and the language barrier.


Learning the local Indigenous Language is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your communication because it improves your understanding of the culture and the difficulty of working in a second language. Benefits are seen with even an initial understanding of and willingness to work with language. ARDS, a language and education resource centre in NE Arnhem Land, has provided a short brief about Learning an Aboriginal Language. It contains links to language resources across Australia.


Aboriginal men performing traditional Indigenous Australian cultural dance

The AHED Project

Arnhem Human Enterprise Development is a project in responsive and respectful development in remote Indigenous Communities

Find out more about AHED and how you can help



Why Warriors Lie Down and Die - Book Cover This book is the result of over 30 years of working face to face with Aboriginal people, it identifies many of the causes of the crisis faced by Aboriginal Australians and provides examples of ways people working with Aboriginal people can effectively empower Indigenous Communities.