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Cultural Awareness Short Courses

Short courses run for a day or less and provide the basics in beginning to understand Indigenous perspectives, culture and communication barriers and improve intercultural skills.

Courses Include:

Intensive Courses

Intensive courses run over two days or more and examine Cultural Awareness, Cross-cultural Communication and Capacity Building in greater depth. These courses are extremely flexible and are easily adapted to any area of interest i.e. health, law, education, business development. These courses can be used to add to a Cultural Awareness Short Course or to include the short course contents.

Titles include:


Advanced workshops

These workshops are intended to follow on from the Intensive Courses and are designed to be implemented with a small group, usually key staff from management and the field, allowing them to analyse and explore the practical application of methodologies for the empowerment of Indigenous people and their communities.

Titles include:


Custom Courses

By choosing to have a course tailored to your specific needs, you are able to maximise the benefits of cross-cultural training for all staff. We build upon our Cultural Awareness courses and can model content on issues such as health, law, the environment, housing, employment, welfare dependency, violence, policing, economics, home lands or education. 


Who are these courses for?

For policy makers, individuals and organisations who are directly involved in delivering services to Aboriginal people and their Communities.

Many Indigenous people have also found these courses very instructive, providing answers to many unanswered questions.

Our courses are of great interest to people who simply want to know more about Aboriginal people or who want to discover that we are all cultural beings.

How are they presented?

These courses are run as interactive workshops or seminars. They can be presented in person, or online in a slightly modified version.

The courses are flexible and we take pride in providing training according to your needs rather than following a strict curriculum. We lead participants through a process of interactive dialogue to improve skills and understandings of the issues immediately relevant to their role with Indigenous people.

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An Introduction to Online Training

An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Awareness



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Custom courses tailored to your needs

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