Welcome to our brand new Myths and Misconceptions series of Question and Answer videos.

Featuring Why Warriors founder Richard Trudgen, this ongoing video series will tackle ordinary questions, intriguing questions and some of those more uncomfortable questions that are often asked about Aboriginal society.

You’ll discover answers to some widely held myths.

You’ll come across information you won’t hear anywhere else.

Plus if you’re involved with Aboriginal communities you’ll learn lots of practical ways to work more effectively and respectfully across cultures.

Every week in 2020 you’ll find 3 new videos.

This week includes a fascinating exploration of how Aboriginal trade tracks worked, a look at ideas of punishment across cultures, and tips on how charities can be more effective.

This week we discuss if Aboriginal culture is”Law” or “Lore”, the role of women in traditional culture, and how strongly young Aboriginal people feel about their culture?

We discuss the word ‘sorry’. Plus give 2 really effective tips for better communication with Aboriginal people who are English second language. Bet you’ve never heard one of them before!

3 big questions are tackled this week. Were Aboriginal people hunter and gatherers, and what about Aboriginal languages?  Aren’t they pretty simple? We also look at why spending millions of dollars doesn’t always solve problems.


Here’s a relevant question –  what is the Yolngu concept of disease and illness? And we also look at why so many remote Aboriginal people have such unhealthy diets. Plus how long should government consultations really take?

All about education! Learn about the traditional Yolngu education system. And discover effective ways to deliver education to Aboriginal kids in the classroom, as well as how to engage whole communities.





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