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Two Way Abuse in Aboriginal Communities


Flowers in memory of slain nurse Gayle Woodford outside Fregon community clinic

Two Way Abuse - Cultural Incompetency in Aboriginal Communities

Today nurses, teachers, and other mainstream Australian workers are sent to remote Aboriginal communities with little or no training. Back in the “bad old days”, even many missionaries attended anthropological and linguistic training for six months before they were sent to work in the field. Government patrol officers from the Welfare Department, like Ted Egan, were required to do similar training.

Today people walk out of capital cities and into Aboriginal communities with more instructions about how to get on and off the plane, or fill out the department’s paperwork, than how to work and live productively with the Aboriginal people they go to work with.

The present ill-conceived system and practices is leaving broken and vulnerable people on both sides of the cultural divide...

Click here to read Richard Trudgen's article about the devastating consequences of cultural incompetency for both sides of the cultural divide in Aboriginal communities.


Why Warriors Cross-Cultural Tips - The Beckoning Finger

Our organisation has over 30 years of on-the-ground experience working and living with Aboriginal communities. We have an unparalleled understanding of the cross-cultural challenges people face, and can offer solutions and tools to anyone that works with Indigenous people, whether in community or policy. We are excited to start sharing our knowledge in a new series of freely available videos.

This month, Richard Trudgen explains about the inappropriate "beckoning finger" so prevalently used in classrooms and other dominant culture spaces across Indigenous Australia. Click here to watch the video.

Why Warriors Videoblog - Overland to Ramingining

The majority of our staff are based in remote communities in Arnhem Land, NT. Life can be very different from the mainstream there, with every day a potential adventure! We thought we'd start to share some of the uniqueness of our work with you through a series of videoblogs, to give viewers an insight into what it's like living and working in remote Aboriginal Australia.

This month, we travel off-road with Richard Trudgen through flooded swamplands to reach the community of Ramingining, 6hrs drive from Nhulunbuy, NT.


Bridging The Gap Training

The dates of our next Bridging The Gap seminars are fast approaching, and spaces are running out fast!

These intensive 2-day learning experiences equip participants with the essential knowledge, skills and mindfulness to work and relate with Aboriginal people more effectively. They have helped hundreds of professionals across Australia to transform their engagement with First Australians and achieve true empowerment and reconciliation through a more developed cross-cultural mindset.

These will be the only two seminars of 2016, so don’t miss out if you haven’t attended one already!

Darwin 27-28 May 2016
Nhulunbuy 17-18 May 2016


Richard Trudgen

Managing Director, Why Warriors