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The world’s first Indigenous health retreat?


Campaign launched for world’s first Indigenous-led health retreat

Everyone has some idea of how bad the health crisis is in remote Indigenous communities. But the reality hits home for us every day, especially since starting the Hope For Health (HFH) program. Every day, someone asks us for help with specific and often serious health issues, and wants to be part of the HFH healing program. Many Yolngu now live in constant fear for themselves or their families - "Who is going to be next?". It's like living surrounded by ticking time bombs, but without being able to see the count downs.

This is why it's so important that our very first Health Retreat on Yolŋu country can happen this year, incorporating Yolngu food and traditional healing techniques.

Our Hope For Health team has recently launched their campaign to raise $80,000 to run the world’s first traditional health retreat in Arnhem Land. The retreat will accompany suffering community members through a detoxification and cross-cultural educational program that combines traditional wisdom, health expertise, modern nutrition and experiential learning. Participants will return to their community after 2 weeks, with the knowledge and strength to fight chronic disease in their own lives and those of their families.

In only a matter of days, donations have been pouring in and we have received social media support from the likes of Peter Helliar (The Project) and Lynn McGranger (Home and Away), as well as our Ambassadors - celebrity chef Pete Evans and NITV presenter Leila Gurruwiwi. But we still have a long way to go...

If you haven’t already, check out our inspiring video and consider making a donation! Together, we can change the face of Indigenous health in Australia and beyond.

This initial retreat will pave the way to run more regular retreats in coming years, growing the number of people experiencing true healing through food and developing a real understanding of the causes of disease. This is crunch time for Hope For Health as we build our capacity to tip the balance toward the Yolngu people regaining control of their health.

So please tell everyone about what we are doing, share and visit


Why Warriors expands its training services

At Why Warriors, we’ve taken a stocktake of the last few years of our training programme, from our ever-popular Bridging The Gap Seminars to big corporate consultancies in Melbourne and Sydney. We have now fine-tuned and expanded our services to be able to meet the evolving needs and demands of the cross-cultural reality in Australia. Whether you are a service provider working on the frontline in Aboriginal communities, an organisation seeking to improve its engagement with Indigenous stakeholders, or simply someone interested in learning more about Indigenous culture, we can take you where nobody else can.

We now offer:
- Sector Specific Workshops
- Tailored Training
- Train The Trainer courses
- Corporate Training (basic - advanced)
- On-country learning experiences
- Cross-cultural consultancy
- Cross-cultural services for Yolngu

Visit our expanded website to find out more


Sinchi comes to Arnhem Land

Why Warriors has been invited to host international human rights organization Sinchi, as they travel around remote Indigenous Australia on their first inaugural ‘Discovery Project’. Sinchi is a not for profit organization that has been created to work throughout the world in the field of Human Rights with a special interest on the preservation of Indigenous culture and children’s rights. Richard Trudgen is accompanying Sinchi delegates (including Sinchi Director Tom Wheeler, pictured above) to the communities of Mirrnatja and Elcho Island, helping them to better understand the traditional Madayin Law system of the Yolngu peoples, as well as the continuing cross-cultural issues that they face.
Visit the Sinchi website for more info


Opportunity to join the Why Warriors team

Why Warriors is seeking an Administration Assistant to help the organisation manage its growing projects on Elcho Island in Arnhem Land. The position is paid and full time, and can be based anywhere in Australia. Please get in touch with us, if you would like more info.


Richard Trudgen

Managing Director, Why Warriors