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  Working for the empowerment of
Yolngu & First Nation people

Bridging the Gap Seminar Nhulunbuy Aug 2017


Bridging the Gap Seminar Nhulunbuy

Yolngu and Balanda working together. To register.

This might be our only public Seminar for this year. It is designed for both Balanda and Yolŋu who are interested in understanding each other better. However if you are interested in attending from across the country you will find it relevant for your situation also.

Become aware of hidden cross-cultural traps.
Receive useful hard to come by information.
Learn new dynamic communication skills.
Discover what makes humans different.
Get answers to many questions.
Be entertained.

This seminar has grown out of 40 years of finding answers between Yolŋu & Balanda working together at the coal face. Designed to help build long term cross-cultural relationships in the workplace and the community. Join us for this unique learning experience where you can be part of the solution.


Richard Trudgen

Managing Director, Why Warriors