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  Working for the empowerment of
Yolngu & First Nation people

Missing in Action?


Life-changing education: It's here!

We know things might seem a bit quiet here at Why Warriors and that you haven’t heard from us in a while – but actually we’ve been really busy with lots of exciting projects and we have great news to share!

Have a look at our great new website called Djambatjmarram (Skill yourself up). It has many learning resources on it for Yolngu. I am hoping it becomes a place where Yolngu can learn about how the mainstream world around them works. And it is also a place where Balanda can go to learn more about Yolngu people and what they are thinking.



How often do you get to invest in your own health and positively impact the lives of Yolngu people in Arnhem Land at the same time? Here’s an opportunity for you to directly contribute to closing the Gap.


Richard Trudgen

Managing Director, Why Warriors

I have waited many years to be able to build real learning resources for Yolngu people. At last we are able to do it. Please pass on this newsletter onto anyone who can help us get the resources to build it bigger and better. We will reveal other aspects of this new learning portal in the next news. Keep supporting us in your thoughts and prayers.

Kind Regards,