Why Warriors possesses a unique body of knowledge and practice around cross-cultural communication, developed over more than 40 years of working on the ground in remote Aboriginal communities. We have been delivering positive, practical and effective cross-cultural training for over 15 years.

Through our training, staff learn to understand and manage culture shock, personal burnout is reduced, staff conflict decreases, and cultural safety in the work environment improves; all resulting in a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Consequently organisations experience massive savings in staff recruitment, better project outcomes and improved relations with  clients.

We offer different levels of training to corporate clients depending on their requirements and sphere of work:


Why Warriors Lie Down And Die (essential reading)

Book CoverFor fast and effective cross-cultural competency training, many organisations could do little more than simply get their staff to read this book. With over 36,000 copies now in circulation around Australia and across the world, many people from a wide cross section of organisations have attested to the book’s incredible ability to take people on a mind-opening journey to the other side of the cultural divide. Richard Trudgen’s seminal work provides positive information and knowledge to equip readers to be more aware, informed and skilled when they enter any cross-cultural environment.

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Cultural Awareness (basic level)

Wit Rita RT claps dig B 500Presented in a short-course format of between 2-4 hours, this introduction is a great entry-point for learning about Aboriginal culture and a different worldview. Staff will come away with a foundation platform and essential beginner tools for working with Indigenous communities and peoples.

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Cross-Cultural Competency (proficient level)

handshake (1)Certain organisations require more in-depth training to be able to navigate more complex inter-cultural scenarios. These may be within the organisation or with its partners and stakeholders. Why Warriors brings more than 30 years of lived experience into this comprehensive training workshop, giving staff knowledge and tools not found anywhere else. The depth and breadth of the information shared will ensure that staff come away as culturally competent individuals, with the engrained capacity for effective cross-cultural communication. The duration of the workshop can range between 2 to 4 days, depending on how far the organisation wants to go.

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Frontline Staff (advanced level)

This training is for professional staff who work at the active interface with Aboriginal people, in what we call the inter-cultural ‘Grey Zone’. Whilst Human Resources and Safety Officers will be able to advise on most potentially “hazardous zones”, the Grey Zone is little understood or even recognised.

Special mindfulness, knowledge and skills are needed to enter this “Grey Zone” and return from it without damage being done. If people are not mindful of the fact that they are entering the Zone, have little knowledge about it, and do not possess the skills to operate in it, then the chances are they will leave the Zone having damaged themselves or having done harm to others.

Frontline staff need to reach a higher level of cross-cultural competency where the ability to resolve conflicts is paramount. However, it is also important for those in HR and relevant management areas to undertake this training, so that they are able to incorporate knowledge of the Grey Zone into their decision-making and staff relations.

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Mentoring & Support

Many organisations will face ongoing challenges and unforeseen situations in the cross-cultural sphere. In order to be of assistance in the long term, Why Warriors offers a regular mentoring and troubleshooting service to provide that instant help in times of need. This can range from scheduled face-to-face sessions to phone and email support, scaled according to the organisation’s needs.

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