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Bridging the Gap Seminars

27 & 28 April 2016

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17 & 18 May 2016

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16 & 17 August 2016

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19 & 20 October 2016

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“Amazing seminar. The amount of information is astounding. Perspectives on Australian history and current issues that are eye opening. Thank you for helping me truly open my eyes.”

“This is especially significant being presented by such a well established, experienced, and active contribution to the Yolngu community - this seminar needs to be presented compulsorily to each non-Indigenous person who works with Indigenous people.”
Rural Health Practitioner 2010

“Respectful. Relevant. Great tips on effective communication.”
NGO worker 2012



These seminars were borne of a need to deliver practical in-depth training to people working at the coal-face and in policy with Yolŋu and other Aboriginal people. It is an exciting 2 day journey, providing information and skills not found anywhere else.

• Discover cultural blockages.
• See what really works.
• Gain cultural safety knowledge and skills.
• Explore in-depth Yolŋu/Aboriginal culture.
• Learn international community development and human dynamics theory.
• Experience and understand effective cross-cultural communication and what good manners in other cultures are.

Many attend these seminars to access the essential knowledge and skills needed to equip them for effective engagement with Aboriginal people. Others come because they want real results in their work or to better understand the big policy issues. Employers send their staff because it leads to; happier staff, greater work place performance, less disputes and misunderstandings, keeping people on the job and thus saving significant money in staff recruitment. Others come because they want answers to the BIG WHY??? And some Aboriginal people come to get answers to questions they have carried all their lives.




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An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Awareness

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