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Become part of our movement, creating REAL and POSITIVE change to First Nations communities, by donating in various ways:

  • Make a one-off online donation to our latest fundraising campaign: Help the Warriors of north-east Arnhem Land. We are hoping to reach $50,000. This funding will ensure our work together with Yolŋu co-producers and researchers can continue developing vital health/ education resources in local Yolŋu Matha language to support Yolŋu communities during COVID-19.
  • Make a one-off, or a monthly donation of your choice ($10, $20, $50, $100, $250, $500) via: EFT electronic bank transfer, payable to Why Warriors Pty. Ltd. BSB [035-304] Account No. [146658] Or phone our office to set this up on: 08 8987 1664, or +61 472 614 247.
  • Make a charitable donation to Hope for Health, our community driven project that provides health interventions to empower Aboriginal people, supported and established by Why Warriors Pty Ltd. Founded through a grass roots movement and now headed by a steering committee of 8-12 Yolŋu women, Hope for Health is administered through the charity, Why Warriors Org Ltd. Find out more about donating here.
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Thank you for your support. Welcome to being part of the future changing team that can make a real difference to Yolŋu people here in north-east Arnhem Land.


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