One Step closer: Online Learning Website for Yolngu up and Running

We are one step closer to the dream of an Online Yolngu School with the creation of, a way for Yolngu Matha speakers around the country to access educational videos and audio on a growing range of topics, in their language.  Thanks to funding from the federal government Richard Trudgen, and his Yolngu and Balanda team, have been plugging away creating content for the site. The site features multimedia content on topics that Yolngu are interested in and subject identified as knowledge gaps that build understanding where there is confusion in the remote communities. It also includes English learning with a growing dictionary of audio explanations of difficult English words and some demonstration online school lessons.

“Djambatj marram” means to “skill yourself up” or get trained. This new site offers the opportunity to gain both basic and advanced knowledge across a whole range of subjects that fill the information gaps and clears the smoke on the confusion that contributes to the marginalisation of Yolŋu communities. Content is growing regularly and will likely continue to do while the funding lasts

This is a game changer for Yolŋu because this is the first time that on demand content has been available that caters to their educational needs.  The on demand nature of the site works for all ages, because youth are able to filter to their immediate interest, but because the content uses and respects the concept rich language of the old people the elder are empowered to teach and explore traditional concepts that are new to younger people. is in its early stages and translations of the written content to Yolŋu Matha are still being improved, as is functionality.  Right now we are hiring, we can also use volunteers with Yolngu matha skills and are looking for future sponsors.  If feel you have the skills or resources to contribute in some way contact us.

Check it out and share widely, especially with your Yolŋu friends. .Visit