Please help us get Yolngu back into business

The shells above are hand-painted by Yolngu ladies here in Nhulunbuy. We aretrying to find a way to develop a market for them. Just one of the many YolnguCottage Industries we are looking at growing.

Yolngu once traded with the Macassan wind traders out of Macassa for many centuries….. Now, Yolngu struggle to get employed and to run their own businesses, leaving them with an intergenerational transfer of poverty. ……. Many things they produced and traded in the past could still be traded internationally into Asia and with others across Australia. …….

The main problem for Yolngu is that they cannot understand the English business and legal language that replaced their very effective Asian-connected language.

Why Warriors has studied and speaks this Asia/Australian business language to support Yolngu……..

Plus: The keys to Closing the Gap

Cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills are key….

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