East Arnhem Mediation & Restorative Justice Project – Book


This report gives an in-depth picture of the East Arnhem Mediation and Restorative Justice Project, allowing the service to be replicated by others. It outlines possibilities for what is needed for a contemporary Yolngu justice institution, pre and post any treaty with the Australian Government or similar jurisdiction.

East Arnhem Mediation was based in Galiwin’ku, Northern Territory, Australia, from 2011-2017. The project experience shared in this document provides a first hand and practical insight into traditional and contemporary Yolŋu consultation, negotiation and dispute resolution procedure, as well as Indigenous governance and organisation. In conjunction with Basic Parameters of Yolŋu Law and Governance, the report takes off where the book Two Laws: managing disputes in a contemporary Aboriginal community (1987) by Nancy M. Williams left off.

The report is best understood when read in conjunction with Basic Parameters of Yolŋu Law and Governance.


Written by: Kendall Trudgen 2018

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