Why Warriors Lie Down and Die – Box of 14@ $23.99 / Book

$558.60 $335.86

This book is for anyone who wants to know why things do not change for Aboriginal people. It is a hands-on cross-cultural workshop that has taught many people so much about this challenging cross-cultural space.

First Nations people and other Indigenous people around the world have said, “Thank you for writing it. You have answered so many questions I have carried all my life”. And “I read it at 16 years of age and realised for the first time I could go on to do anything. You made me feel proud of my own people as an Aboriginal person, despite all the challenges we face”. Quotes from people who have contacted us.

“Why Warriors Lie Down and Die gave me a very good overview of the challenges ahead, an understanding of the history, and an idea of what to expect from my Yolngu patients. I recommend the book to every new Doctor that comes to work for us….”

Dr. Marco Briceno Director of Medical Services, Gove District Hospital

Buy a box and give one to each of your staff, friends or relatives and see relationships with First Nations people change.

You can only buy one box at a time through this online site due to freighting issues. For larger purchases & bookshops, please get in touch with us.

Ph 1300 501 795 or email wwaccounts@warriors.net.au.

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