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Why Warriors is committed to developing Indigenous Communities. Funds we raise go towards supporting and training Indigenous clan based business.

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“The crisis for [Aboriginal people] is grave, but there is a way forward. When we understand the factors that create this loss of control then strategies can be developed to counter them....”

Richard Trudgen
Director & Author of Why Warriors Lie Down & Die


Why Warriors has been established to develop solutions to the some of the problems faced by Indigenous Australian people. We specialize in providing practical Cross-cultural training, drawing from our understanding of traditional and contemporary Indigenous culture. We provide the knowledge and skills to create effective strategies for developing Indigenous communities, with a particular focus on remote Indigenous communities in Australia's Northern Territory where the situation for Aboriginal people is most dire.

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Australia Has Its Own “Haka”

Australia Has Its Own “Haka” The following has been written by Richard Trudgen with coaching from Djiniyini & Dianne Biritjalawuy Gondarra, Dhulumburr Gayakamangu, Yingiya Guyulaand & Maratja Dhamarrandji. I recently got a phone call from Dianne Biritjalawuy Gondarra where she asked me, “What picture do […]

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Arnhem Human Enterprise Development is a project in Responsive Development in an Indigenous Community in NE Arnhem Land


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