• Want to make a difference?

    Why Warriors has over 40 years of on-the-ground experience, and because of this, we are able to create real cross-cultural, cross-language resources. Unfortunately we have little time or income to do it!

    At the moment we have a wide range of volunteering opportunities available, regardless of where you live. Some require longer-term commitments or specialist skills, whereas others are more simple.

    By volunteering you will;

    • be part of our community development team working here in Arnhem Land while you support us from afar
    • get real satisfaction from contributing to the lives of Yolŋu people, and help close the gap
    • use your skills & experience in a productive and meaningful way
    • support future change, improving the lives of many Yolŋu people and other First Nations people.


    Current Volunteer Positions Available

    Specific roles

    Our long awaited cross-cultural learning platform is almost here.
    We are about to go live! In the next few weeks we are building a list of people and organisations who may benefit from this dynamic cross-cultural knowledge so we can share the launch with them.
    Those who will enjoy and learn from this information include:

    • People who work with or who need to communicate effectively with Yolngu people or other traditional Aboriginal People or migrant groups.
    • Organisations and businesses who value their reconciliation commitments and who want to boost their staff commitment to it.
    • Others who just want to learn exciting things about Aboriginal culture that you will not have access to anywhere else.

    We are specifically looking for people in professional organisations, business, training institutions, unions, tourism, religious groups or others who have a network where they would be happy to on-forward/ share our information with. If you have access to, or know of such groups or networks please contact us. Your assistance in this area will help us in a big way and also help to build better relationships between different racial groups across Australia.

    Photo library
    Are you a photographer working in a remote Yolngu or Aboriginal community? Or do you have your own photo library or access to one? Would you be willing to collaborate with us when we create our cross-cultural resources? Many years ago we worked with a photographer in Darwin who offered us access to his photo library. But unfortunately, we have lost contact. Is there anyone who has a good photograph library and would allow us access to it? The photos can be of a general nature or specific to Arnhem Land. Please contact us if you can help!

    Help turn WWLD into an e-book
    We are looking to turn Why Warriors Lie Down and Die into an ebook that can be accessed online, and provided to university libraries and other institutions. The book is still being used by many companies as a cross-cultural learning experience.

    Mobile app Developer
    We are looking for someone to produce a simple app for our Djambatjmarram.com Yolŋu learning centre. Many Yolŋu people live in isolated Homeland villages with no internet access. When they come to town for shopping and supplies they need to be able to download our Djambatjmarram.com programs and save them onto their phones in an easy way to take home. This would allow them to play the programs back in their Homeland villages without internet access.

    Pro bono barrister or lawyer
    There are always many legal aspects involved in running an organisation. Sometimes it’s day-to-day matters and sometimes it might be bigger issues. There is currently an opportunity to assist Yolŋu to discover their rights in relation to creating a business using the resources on their Traditional Estates. If you have expertise in this area, your skills would be warmly welcomed.

    Patreon.com expert
    Since publishing Why Warriors Lie Down and Die, people often ask when Richard Trudgen will write another book. In fact, he has another 7 in mind! These books are in draft stage and could carry on the story from where Why Warriors Lie Down and Die left off.  But the call on Richard’s time is too great to be inspired or schedule work on them. There are so many resources needed to be created for Yolngu people who need answers about the mainstream world, rather than the other way around, instead. But perhaps if there was a volunteer who could use the patreon.com platform to build a following and inspire the completion of his book series, it could gain momentum. Why Warriors already has a patreon account, but is looking for a volunteer to manage it and get things happening.


    General roles

    Fundraising assistance

    Finding funds to run programs that we know will change lives, can be challenging. Most of our programming falls between the cracks of government funding. This is mainly because we don’t just provide a service — we work in partnership with the people. And so much government funding requires working in very restrictive silos. Why Warriors currently has no funding to continue delivering Djambatjmarram.com, our Yolngu Online Learning Centre, the first in Australia as an online English-learning resource in Yolŋu Matha language.

    We need funds to cover the costs of research and production of podcasts and videos, answering the many questions that Yolngu people have. This includes legal, business, economics, community development and current affairs issues. Sometimes Yolngu people just want to know what a confusing English word means. With more funding, we can add to our hard English word online dictionary so that all Yolngu students and adults have access to it.

    We are also looking for funding to help us produce material around health issues. We want to create more podcasts and videos similar to our scabies and COVID-19 series. And there are many topics we have the content for, such as smoking, nutrition, heart disease etc. but we don’t have the dollars to be able to produce the programs.

    As you can see, we have more projects than you can poke a stick at! Many Yolŋu people want to start businesses on their own homelands, but they don’t have access to the market knowledge. That’s why they come to us, knowing we have strong language skills in Yolngu Matha and we can access the difficult English information they need. At the moment we are hoping to help them develop a number of businesses, but we don’t have the money for a support person or community builder to do it. We’d love to be able to partner with you, or your company, so Yolngu can develop businesses and provide real job opportunities for their own young people.

    If you know of any funding opportunities for these ideas and challenges, then we’d love to hear from you!

    Academic Research
    We are currently investigating how First Nations youth are sent away seemingly to be “educated”. Many now make up large numbers of homeless itinerants in cities and towns across Australia. We are asking if anyone knows of any research published around this topic? The government continues to pour money into this type of education system, but what is it achieving for Yolŋu people? Please contact us with any personal stories or research so we can work together to share and inspire change.

    Project Builders
    We have many emerging projects that could give Yolŋu people a real chance for a better future. As Richard states, “every time I talk to elders on homelands, they have one major request. They want small village businesses so they can keep their young people at home. At the moment young people leave as soon as they become old enough, and go off to the major centres, getting into trouble and ending up in Darwin, in jail, on drugs, or dead.

    What people need is access to more information and ideas covering a wide range subjects.

    We are looking for Project Builders to help run the administration side of our work so we can get on with doing cross-cultural translation and community development work.

    Each project has already been developed and in some cases was already running when funding was available.

    The projects include:

    “Networking resource worker for the ‘Hope for Health’ program” (https://hopeforhealth.com.au/)

    “Adding to the Yolngu Online Learning Centre Djambatmarram.com  building more podcasts, videos and other resources on this site.”

    “Networking to get Djambatmarram.com programs into more schools, health centres and workplaces where Yolŋu can access them”

    “English learning program for Yolŋu people”

    “Getting Yolŋu into Business”

    “An eLearning school for Yolŋu”

    “Producing health podcasts and videos”

    “Rolling out ‘Germ Theory’ education across Arnhem Land”

    “Cultural Competency Training resources”

    “Producing other programs for Yolŋu Radio and Djambatjmarram.com.”

    We’re looking for Project Builders to help with fundraising and logistics for different projects. Project Builders will work directly with Richard or other coalface workers who will share all needed information, so they can get on with building the project from where they live. Project Builders do not need to know how to speak Yolŋu Matha language, as most of their work will be with mainstream systems. Skills like working online with computers will be useful in this role.

    This type of volunteering is great for people looking to use their lifelong gained skills and is perfectly suited to self-funded retirees (singles or couples) with a passion to help Yolŋu people help themselves. If this sounds exciting and you’d like to know more please contact us.



    If you’re looking for a way to support remote Aboriginal communities, but aren’t sure where to start or what you can do, we’d love to hear from you. Even as strangers we can be connected by simple acts of kindness in the form of volunteering. Join us and become a future changer.
    Reach out to us on 1300 501 795 or email info@whywarriors.com.au to find out more.