• Volunteers Needed

    Updated April 2023

    Contact us on 08 89871664 or email richard.trudgen@whywarriors.com.au


    We are looking for;

    Canva expert
    We need someone who knows the Canva program and can help us build our online cultural courses


    Flash conversion
    Plus someone who can take our old Flash programs on our Yolngu school and convert them into HTML. They are Yolngu Matha to English programs.


    Build and app
    We are also looking for someone to build an app that can share our Djambatjmarram resources with the Yolngu people from the homelands. Yolngu homelands have no internet. If we could have an app where some of the resources or all could be loaded on their phones that some Yolngu people have and use only when they come into town.


    Help share our cross-cultural learning platform.
    If you know of anyone that would benefit from these courses please let them know of our site.
    These might include:

    • People who work with or who need to communicate effectively with Yolngu people or other traditional Aboriginal People or migrant groups.
    • Organisations and businesses who value their reconciliation commitments and who want to boost their staff commitment to it.
    • Others who just want to learn exciting things about the Aboriginal culture that you will not access anywhere else.

    If you know groups or people please share the site with them.

    Please share our Yolngu learning Site with Yolngu people in communities.

    Many Yolngu still do not know of the hundreds of podcasts and videos that they can access from this site in Yolngu Matha. They include economics/businesslaw/governance and health issues.

    Show them how to get it on their phones, put the page on their home page and also show them the powerful search function at the top left.

    Thanks for helping out.


    Photo Library
    Are you a photographer working in a remote Yolngu or Aboriginal community and you are happy to share some of your photos with us to use on our website or in Cross-Cultural Courses?


    Know anything about e-book?
    We are struggling with the whole ebook conversation thing. if you have any hints please let us know


    Pro bono barrister or lawyer
    There is currently an opportunity to assist Yolŋu to discover their rights in relation to creating a business using the resources on their Traditional Estates. If you have expertise in this area, your skills would be warmly welcomed.


    Someone to run our Patreon.com platform
    Since publishing Why Warriors Lie Down and Die, people often ask when will I write another book. In fact, I have a number I am working on.  But the call on me to just raise dollars to keep the show going stops me from finishing them. It was suggested that we should see if we can get some patrons to support the writing of these books. Why Warriors already has a Patreon account, but we need a volunteer to manage it and get things happening.


    Fundraising assistance

    Why Warriors currently has no funding to continue delivering Djambatjmarram.com. We need funds to cover the costs of research and production of podcasts and videos, answering the many questions that Yolngu people have. This includes legal, business, economics, community development and current affairs issues. Sometimes Yolngu people just want to know what a confusing English word means. With more funding, we can add to our hard English word online dictionary so that Yolngu students and adults can access.

    We also want to produce more health education resources in Yolngu Matha like our last chronic disease videos. These are changing many lives but we need to produce more.

    At the moment we are hoping to help them develop a number of businesses. We’d love to be able to partner with you, or your company, so Yolngu can develop businesses and provide real job opportunities for their own young people.


    Project Builders

    We’re looking for Project Builders to help with fundraising and logistics for different projects. Project Builders will work directly with Richard Trudgen. This is a job you can do from where you live.  Skills like working online with computers will be useful in this role.


    Contact us on 08 89871664 or email richard.trudgen@whywarriors.com.au