Vital Health Videos needed for Yolŋu

East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory has the highest rates of chronic disease in the world.

For over 20 years now Why Warriors has advocated training for mainstream staff so they can explain a range of diseases to Yolŋu people. However English is a second or third language for many Yolŋu and understanding of medical English and concepts is very limited. Culturally appropriate and effective resources are extremely rare, and Yolŋu people are left without the critical knowledge they need to take control of their own health and lives.

Richard and Tim Trudgen of Why Warriors have spent decades collaborating with both health professionals and Yolŋu to explain health issues in the local Yolŋu Matha language. The traditional worldview of Yolŋu means they want in-depth, science-based information in order to understand any new topic. What Yolŋu call the “dhuḏi-dhäwu” – the deep true story.

Our aim is to produce a series of health videos in Yolŋu Matha with English captions. These resources will be made available directly to Yolŋu and also to medical staff who are working to explain different health conditions to Yolŋu patients and their families.

The first series we would like to produce includes:

  1. What is a heart attack? This includes heart function and blood circulation in the body.
  2. Rheumatic Heart Disease story

We are looking for partners to fund the production of the health videos that will share this life-saving knowledge to thousands of Yolŋu people.

These resources will deliver vital missing information to health workers, families, parents and young sufferers of these conditions so they can understand for the first time how their body works and how these diseases affect them. This will enable them to become compliant with medical support and to manage healthier lives. As one elderly grandmother said to us, “We have had no more of our family die of heart attack since you taught us about heart disease. Our family now have regular check-ups because we now know what heart disease is”.

Please see below the storyboard video of the Heart Attack story. English speaking people may consider it good enough. However, this was just the storyboard version to get the story that Richard has told many time with Yolngu patients out of his head. It was filmed in two takes that took just over an hour to film. It needs to be, reshoot now with many language corrections made and some graphics enhancement. Then it will be ready for release. We also have many other health storylines ready to produce videos around.

Contact us now; together we can make a real difference.