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Through Why Warriors, you have the opportunity to contribute from afar to the self-empowerment of Aboriginal people, helping us to remove the limitations to change.

Because we are so busy in the daily life of remote Aboriginal communities, we need your help so we can keep being a resource on the ground for the people, and to expand our support to have a larger impact.  One of the best ways to help is to tell others about us and the unique work that we do. Your informed recommendation is the best way to show people we are worth supporting.

Here are some ways of sharing….

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 Explore our website for things to share

  • Latest News and Media Releases – opportunities to donate, ways to advocate for indigenous people, and sometime inside insights to the mechanisms of injustice. Share them wide and whenever you can.
  • Volunteer positions – are direct ways for people to get practically involved in helping Indigenous people and sometime this includes pending time in the communities we work with.
  • Job Vacancies – We are often looking for people with rare skills and motivations to become part of our team.  But we need your help to find them.
  • Check back on this page from time to time for more ways to share or to find these links.

Contact us to share opportunities

If you find networking opportunities that are too big for you, let us know and we will follow up.  And let us know (via social media, email or phone) from time to time that you’re out there advocating for us, because it is a great encouragement!