Living Dead: A Yolngu Experience of Disempowerment


This is a short video that describes living as a Yolngu person in a remote community in Australia. It is a story that the rest of us rarely hear expressed so clearly. Dianne, the speaker in this video has found a degree of insight into the mechanisms disempowering her own community, that many of us will never achieve. Dianne directs this message to the Dominant Culture people, in order that you might understand better the day to day experience of Yolŋu. But she does not stop there, coming out of questions I raised with her she goes on to explain the kind of support that is required from the Dominant Culture, to help change this situation.

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  1. Louise Ormerod

    Pretty much sums it up-so eloquently expressed! Much to listen to and to take on board in my heart.

  2. Maura

    Can’t view this video on iPad… Hopefully will work when computer is online next

  3. Jacqueline

    This is heart breaking and expressed so well – it made me cry. Thank you for showing it and I will show it to others. It is simple and powerful.

  4. Alesha

    Just read your post Laine and kind of feel sad for you, there is nothing you can do to empower anyone, you can, if anything support someone to become self empowered, there will always be those who push you down, put you down trample on you, it is how we overcome these things were the real key lies….mean passion bro, you and your father, na mihi nui kia korua…

  5. Primordial

    Been waiting a while for your next blog brother.

  6. Laine Barclay

    I wish I had these words to talk to my Non Indigenous peers. It seems so easy to me, I hear what is said and I want to support Aboriginal people in becoming empowered. Why do those from the dominant culture find it so difficult to understand. When I am feeling disempowered,(in my work place), I experience symptoms such as depression, anger, distorted perception and thinking, why would Aboriginal people be any different?
    Lets stop this systemic abuse of the sovereign owners of the land we prosper from and call our own.