Breathing coronavirus into the lungs

23. Breathe it into the lungs

In this program, Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra are joined by Dr Kerry Mills to continue the conversation about how coronavirus can be floating in little droplets of mucus in the air. Djiniyini asks, “How do these viruses enter the body”? Dr Kerry Mills explains that these little droplets are floating in the air and if you breathe them in, they will go right down into the lungs. Once they’re in the lungs, the viruses make a home in the bottom of the lungs. From there, in the lining of the lungs, they create a pneumonia-type condition. A person can get very sick and won’t be able to breathe properly. This video explains why coronavirus is a real problem for older people and people who have chronic disease. We work through the names of all the conditions that may pose a heightened risk of bad health complications if you also get sick with the virus.


24. Lots of men dying from the virus

In this program, Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra discuss how lots of men are dying from COVID-19. Dr Mills tells the story about how, in China, most of the people who died from the virus were men. Doctors thought it was something about men that made them die, but then they discovered that in China, many more men were smokers than women. This video works through how it was smoking that caused more deaths of men. Dr Mills points out how the virus really likes the lungs of smokers.


25. Smoking – affects on other people and babies

In this program, Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra discuss how the virus is affecting smokers. Is it affecting other people? Dr Mills talks about how, if somebody smokes inside, then other people in the house will have the same problem. They go on to explain about passive smoking and also the effects of smoking on unborn children, in relation to the Covid-19 virus.

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26. Deeper story – why smokers die from Covid-19

In this program, Richard Trudgen and Djiniyini Gondarra are joined by Dr Kerry Mills to discuss why a lot more men who were smokers, were dying compared to women in China. Dr Mills explained that, for the virus to make its home in the lungs, it has to be able to find a special place to stick to the lungs called an ACE2 receptor. Dr Mills goes on to explain how this virus is very happy to inhabit that place in the lungs and to start breeding there. The nicotine in cigarettes creates a situation where the body makes a lot more of these special ACE2 receptors in the body, so the smokers have a lot more of these special homes where the virus can stay. When the virus stays, setting up homes in these special places, it produces thousands of small viruses. When they reproduce in these special homes, they also destroy their homes and that’s what makes people very sick. This is what makes it very hard for people to breathe because, in effect, the virus is destroying the lungs.

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