The real way to get ahead of the game!

Last week the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre was back in the news. The Centre has to be expanded because “Department figures show the number of youth in detention across the NT has almost doubled over the past year, and…

Learn Australian to speak to Australian kids!

    Wondering why the attendance rates of schools are so bad? Just do something about equipping teachers who come into the classroom of Indigenous kids, with language, and you’ll see immediate results within one or two years. With attendance…

Q&A: Week 10

Q28. Did Aboriginal people have parliament and other decision-making structures or systems?
Q29. Is it true that sorcery is a central part of Aboriginal culture?
Q30. Did Aboriginal people have parliament and other decision-making structures or systems?

Q&A: Week 7

Q19. Was there any barter or trading between different Aboriginal people?
Q20. Wasn’t Aboriginal society pretty barbaric and controlled by harsh punishments?
Q21. Are any charities or non-profits helpful for Aboriginal people? Or are they generally doing more harm than good?

Q&A: Week 6

Q16. Are Aboriginal people bad at school because they didn’t have their own education system traditionally?
Q17. How do you achieve education and capacity building with individuals and families in Aboriginal communities?
Q18. Why won’t Aboriginal kids go to school? How can they expect to get ahead?

100+ Q&A: Week 5

Q13. What is the Yolŋu concept of illness and disease?
Q14. Why do many remote Aboriginal people eat such poor food that affects their health? How can this be changed?
Q15. What’s your opinion on how long consultation should taken when government or corporations are working with Aboriginal people?

Navigating COVID-19 when you don’t understand English

MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     24:03:2020   Aboriginal communities in North-East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory are urgently looking for information about COVID-19 in a language they can understand. Thousands of Yolngu people in this region speak English as…