Working in remote Aboriginal communities 101

Learning Pathways bring together content from across our learning portal with other free online resources to create short courses for you to follow.  This is the first of many pathways we are working on to guide you through the growing content we have available to improve your knowledge and capabilities for working with Aboriginal Communities.

Enjoy and look out for more learning pathways to come.

galiwinku to gove 2007 006V2


Please explore the following links in this order.

  1. A foreign Australia – Working in Aboriginal Communities
  2. Culture Shock 101
  3. Why Learn An Aboriginal Language
  4. Economics of remote communities – Part 1
  5. I am the learner: a reflection on listening
  6. Homelands
  7. Letting go of our power
  8. On being income managed
  9. My body is owned by this land

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