Q&A: Week 13

Welcome to our week 13 Q&A videos!

This week we look at relationships, particularly how to navigate avoidance relationships within Yolngu society that impact classroom teachings and interactions with the community.  The role of the mother-in-law in Yolngu society is a particularly fraught and powerful one, whereby she holds absolute authority.  We also dispel the myth that Aboriginal people never owned the land by exploring Yolngu language terms that speak of the affinity they have with their estates. Because these estates have been a part of their heritage for thousands and thousands of years, their ownership of them is as strong as the land’s ownership of them.

Q37. Isn’t the mother-in-law someone who Aboriginal men need to avoid?


Q38. I’ve heard that Aboriginal people say they don’t own the land, the land owns them. What does that mean?



Q39. What advice would you give to a mainstream teacher who is working with English second language people like Yolngu? (Part 3). View Part 1 and Part 2.


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