Q&A: Week 14

Welcome to our week 14 Q&A videos!

This week we look at the artform of remembering past defeats in our country. On ANZAC Day we hold dawn services and say ‘lest we forget’. But the massacres and defeats of Aboriginal people just have to be forgotten. It should be ‘lest we forget’ for everybody, with truth and justice being the flame we all carry in order to move on.

We also look at how most of what we know about Aboriginal culture comes from their myths and stories. When in fact these are stories often told to children at bedtime around the campfire. They have profound teaching effects, but not the deep knowledge of the original Australian culture.

And lastly, we offer two major tips on preparing to move to or work with an Aboriginal community. 1. Learn the language, get hold of as many resources on this as possible. Because by learning the language, you will also learn about the culture, and a different way of encoding or framing the world, rather than just stepping off the plane with your own cultural baggage. And 2. Read as much of the history of the area as possible. With these two preparations, you will likely stay longer and be much more useful.

Q40. Why don’t Aboriginal people just forget the past and get on with it?


Q41. What are Aboriginal people’s myths and stories about?



Q42. What can I do to be prepared to move to an Aboriginal community?


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