Q&A: Week 16

Welcome to our week 16 Q&A videos!

This week we look at the treatment of women in indigenous communities and how young men are actually the ones who must leave their own estates and work for their uncles on their mother’s land. They are apprentices, called upon to do all the hard work, whilst treating their wives as princesses and their mothers-in-law as queen. We also talk about the connection of Aboriginal people to the land as not just spiritual, but their understanding of the spirit world and belief that Waŋarr, the Great Creator Spirit, is in everything, is vital. And we also share a very important tip on body language. What is the correct way to call a group of students over, or a student to the front of the classroom, in order to avoid extreme offense? Click on the videos to learn more…

Q46. Weren’t women enslaved or considered second-class citizens in traditional Aboriginal culture?


Q47. Is the connection of Aboriginal people to the land just spirituality based?



Q48. What advice would you give to a mainstream teacher who is working with English second language people like Yolngu? (Part 4: using correct body language). You can view Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our advice to teachers in indigenous communities as well.


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