Q&A: Week 17

Welcome to our week 17 Q&A videos!

This week we look at why the attendance rates of Indigenous kids in schools are so bad. And how simply by equipping teachers with language, you can change the attendance rate and outcomes of those kids drastically. We also talk about employment being about not just learning how to write out a CV. Instead, we need to be teaching: what is a job for? What is it about? In most cases, people will then go and produce their own employment. Instead of spending their entire lives lining up trying to be one of the lucky ones whose ball finally drops with their number on it! And finally, how best to get communities to work together as a whole. We look at the importance of reinstating community educators – people who are trained in community development and communication, who learn the language, and then together with the people, look for answers.

Q49. What educational good can come out of learning an Aboriginal language? What’s the point?

Also, read our accompanying article in response to the ABCs story on attendance rates of Indigenous kids here.


Q50. What is the biggest blockage for Yolngu getting employed?



Q51. What things work well for helping communities strengthen and come together?


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