Q&A: Week 19

Welcome to our week 19 Q&A videos!

This week we look at this idea of Aboriginal people always getting free handouts. And that if you’ve been discriminated against as a cultural group of people for 200 years; your land taken off you, families massacred, and the Dominant Culture still using derogatory names rather than the true names of your practices, philosophies and legal systems, then some positive discrimination should be acceptable.  We also talk about the importance of teaching and relearning original Australian languages, but in doing so, making sure to learn the correct syllabic phonics rather than anglicising many of the sounds. And finally we explain why Aboriginal people often leave meetings after ten minutes, simply because CEOs or government officials who have been sent to talk to the community, to give them information or consult with them about issues, operate only in English. With Yolngu people for whom English is their fifth or sixth language! And, not only that, they do not have the background understanding of academic terms that are used. So these meetings are torturous, exhausting and stressful affairs, and worse still, they come out learning nothing and feeling like there is something wrong with them.

Q55. Aboriginal people are always getting free stuff from the government. Even some jobs are only for Aboriginal people. It’s not fair they get so many handouts.


Q56. If Aboriginal language was oral and not written, when and how did the current written languages come about?



Q57. Why do many Aboriginal people want to leave meetings after they’ve only just started?

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