Answers to the Lead Poisoning / Sniffing Problem

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ABC 15 May 2017, 7:36am  

Answers to the Lead Poisoning – Sniffing Problem

From where most who read this sit, it is hard to understand why young people would do such things or why their parents did little to stop them.

The following report covers 4 weeks education with Yolŋu elders and family groups dealing with the lead poisoning – avgas problem at Galiwin’ku in June 2017. It includes the people’s views as to what the underlying problems were and an outline of the educational material.

Central to the problem was that despite people all over the country knowing all about the avgas lead poisoning issues at Galiwin’ku, Yolŋu parents did not know what lead or lead poisoning meant. And secondly, the people believed that the government had stopped them disciplining their own children on the threat of being jailed.

Confusion and disempowerment reigns when the people are not seen as the main stake-holders and the information is not given to them in their own language.

The report is 52 pages long but for anyone who is truly interested to understand life on the other side of the cultural divide, I think you will find it interesting.

Richard Trudgen

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Answers to the Lead Poisoning / Sniffing Problem
Galiwin’ku June 2017


A Report for East Arnhem Mediation Service 2017



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Born in Orange NSW, trained as a fitter and turner. Moved to Arnhem Land in 1973 one year for voluntary work, ended up staying 37 years, learnt language and trained in community development work. Wrote “Why Warriors Lie Down and Die” in 2000. Established Yolŋu Radio in 2003. Was CEO of ARDS Inc for 10 years. Developed discovery education methodology. Runs ‘Bridging the Gap’ seminars and training workshops, does conferencing speaking. Wants to build an e-learning school for Yolŋu people using both their own language and English so Yolŋu children and adults have a schooling system that works for them; plus one they can access anywhere. Trying to write my next book “When a New World Drops in on You”.

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  1. paul taylor

    Lets think differently about the root causes of some of our foundation issues, food sovereignty is certainly on the list. Without Nutritious fresh food grown locally by local people we are disempowered Lets think fresh food, community, family and self empowerment around good fresh food and not the poisonous food brought in by trucks kept in freezers. This is never going to give us the strength to sand tall and say NO. We can grow fresh food for local community that brings community together, lets talk food so community can clearly and make clear decisions about their lives. Affordable fresh food….interested?? lets talk more….thanks: Paul Taylor from Trust Nature.